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add or remove icon from taskbar/top panel ubuntu 16.04

When right-clicked on any icon in the top panel in GNOME fallback mode, it will show only “Launch” and “properties” options. To add or remove application launchers / icon in the gnome-panel you need to do the following. Press Windows key (one with the windows symbol) + Alt key simultaneously and right-click the top menu More

Password protect directory or folder in wordpress installed directory

How to password protect a directory or files within WordPress installed directory? To do this, you need to create a file named 401.html and edit the .htaccess file in the password protected directory. Create the 401.html file in a separate directory (or in root directory) than the password protected directory. In this case I created More

access a folder/directory in wordpress

Suppose you have installed wordpress in root directory of your account. There is a folder/directory, say docs in the same (root) directory. You will not be able to access this folder like url. The wordpress will redirect to a 404 page instead. To override the wordpress rewrite rules, add the following line to .htaccess More

Import/Export wordpress content from/to another wordpress instance

Suppose you want to move your wordpess contents to another instance. WordPress currently supports both importing and exporting data in the form of posts. The content Import and Export scripts can be found under Tools >> Import / Export menu of your WordPress administration interface. Source:

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