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June, 2013

Linux Iptables

Linux comes with a firewall called netfilter, which is controlled by iptables. Here, I will explain the useful iptables commands for system admins and a super user with bash shell. Please remember that a wrong command will disconnect you from the system and will block your access to the server. iptables -L -n To display More

UNIX FTP Commands Tutorial

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a network protocol used to copy a file from one computer to another over the Internet or LAN. The default port for ftp is 21 and is based on client-server architecture. Use the following command syntax to connect to the FTP server: ftp or ftp IP-address or ftp More


The Open Group holds the definition of what a UNIX system is. In 1994, Novell got out of business. Rather than sell the business as a single entity, Novell transferred the rights to the UNIX trademark and the specification to The Open Group (at the time X/Open Company). Subsequently, it sold the source code and More